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Outdoor Activities To Enjoy In Augusta

Outdoor Activities To Enjoy In Augusta

Augusta is a town located in Georgia on the Savannah River. Because of this, there are a lot of water activities that can be done as well as land activities outside. Let's take a look at outside things to do around Augusta.

Stroll Along The Riverwalk

Water is very calming to most people. Taking a stroll along the river can be very peaceful. Here you can see the skyline and shop local businesses on the way. This tree-lined area is perfect year-round. Many of the city's most popular events happen here. It is from 6th-10th street, so it isn't a huge area but a nice place to visit.

Phinizy Swamp Nature Park

This park is just outside the city and is perfect for a little getaway. Here you will see wildlife all around you from all walks of life. There are boardwalks through the swamp that allows guests to get in with nature in a safe manner. They also offer free guided tours to their guests.


If you like watching the pros play then you need to take time to register for the possibility to purchase tickets for the Masters to be a spectator at the Master's tournament at the Augusta National Golf Course. These grounds are beautiful and you will be next to some of the most famous golfers in the world. There is a lottery that will choose nearly a year in advance to be able to attend and be a patron.

If you just want to get in a few rounds, then you might want to look at Augusta Municipal Golf Course, Forest Hills Golf Curse, or The River Golf Club as some options. The Forest Hills Golf course was once voted as the best public gold course in Augusta, GA. Just a little fun fact.

Magnolia Cemetery

Are old cemeteries interesting to you? This cemetery was founded in 1818 and is full of rich history just waiting to be discovered. Here you will find amazing statues and tombstones that have been around for generations. Keep in mind this cemetery has been around since before the civil war. There are people there that can look up plots and such if you have someone you are looking for.

Pendleton King Park

This is a wonderful park to visit while you are in Augusta. This park is full of gardens that are full of blooming flowers in flower season. There are also plaques to tell you what the flowers and plants are. This park has a dog park for little and big dogs, which are separate. There is a tennis court, playground and nature trails. Something for everyone can be found at Pendleton King Park.

Reed Creek Nature Park

Another fun outdoor activity for Augusta is Reed Creek Nature Park. Here you can get up and close with nature. Yep, there are trails that you can walk on but keep your eye out for the snakes. Staff members will help you identify the different types of wildlife creatures that you happen to see on your hike. A great place to take the kids!

Augusta, Georgia is full of activities, businesses, shopping and community life that make it a great place to live and visit!

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