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Lights flickering? Plugs overheating? If you’re struggling with an electrical problem, you can count on Voltz Electrical Service to diagnose and correct the issue. We offer comprehensive, electrical troubleshooting services in the Augusta, GA area, including Evans, Grovetown, Hephzibah, and Martinez, GA, and North Augusta, SC.

At Voltz Electrical Service, we believe reliable electrical repairs shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Our technicians uncover the problem and give you a flat-rate price. Call us today at 706.738.0378 to speak with a member of our team.

YouTube video

You rely on power in your home to charge your electronics and keep your home functioning properly. When electrical issues crop up, they can throw off your whole day. Here are three of the most common electrical problems you might find yourself dealing with:

1. Overheated or broken switches (This video discusses why two common types of electrical switches may not work properly)
2. Tripping breakers
3. Dead outlets

If you’re experiencing these or other electrical issues at your home or office, don’t panic. Voltz Electrical can handle them. We’ll take a look at the switches, breakers and outlets at your property and find the best solution. Call us today at 706.738.0378 to discuss your electrical needs.

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